Meet | Kayla

Grade: 7th
Favorite Squash Player: Nour El Sherbini
Favorite Subject: Reading
Subject I Need Help In: Math

Dream High School: Heights High School
Dream College: Cornell University
Dream Career: Vet

My Story:
Before I was in squash I was having trouble in math and had low grades but didn’t know what to do. I was confused, and didn’t want to go to school. When I heard about Mission Squash I didn’t want to do it because it didn’t catch my attention. I wasn’t interested until I decided to go give it a chance.

I was kind of scared to join, because no one I knew was thinking about it. It was also really hard to get into the program! But I was lucky enough to make it through the tryouts. Now I am part of Mission Squash. It’s way better than I thought it would be! I have made new friends, started to get better grades, and am happy that I made the choice to go to the tryouts. And that’s why I am here writing about my journey.

How Mission Squash helps me:
They help me in school, in life, and care about how I play in squash. They want me to go to college and care about what I do. Mission Squash helps me keep my grades up and makes sure I am not having trouble in any classes. The coaches care about my fitness, but still make sure I practice squash. They helped me during hurricane Harvey and made sure I still have proper things for me, my brother, my sister, and is always ready to back me up. Thank you Mission Squash!

A message from my parents:

“I’m very thankful that not only does my daughter have a support system at home but at school as well. Ever since my daughter has been involved with Mission Squash I’ve seen extreme changes in her. From school grades to seeing her feeling passionate about this program. I’m thankful they’re very involved with my daughter in every aspect of her school life. Not only do they push her to do well in squash but academically as well. I am very thankful.”
Kayla’s Mom