Meet | Ava and Aidan

Adam and Gabby Canales share¬†their family’s story after siblings Ava and Aidan joined Mission Squash:

Our daughter Ava started the program in 2016 when she was in sixth grade. Since then she has excelled academically in middle school and made honor roll every semester. The after-school tutoring has taught her excellent study skills and helped her with organization and keeping up with all her assignments.

Our son Aidan is a year younger and also joined Mission Squash in his sixth grade year. We were afraid he was going to struggle with the transition from elementary to middle school. Instead, in our last parent conference meeting his teacher pointed out that he was one of the only students who made a perfect grade on the different types of government homework. He did great on his test as well. When we asked him about it he told us that Ms. Sabrina, the Mission Squash Academic Director, helped him one-on-one and made it easy to understand.” In his first semester of middle school he made all A’s and B’s on his report card.

We couldn’t be more proud of our children and are thankful to Mission Squash for helping them with their achievements.

In addition, the sport itself has developed our kids’ confidence, athletic ability and mental strength. We are looking forward to the many other opportunities the Mission Squash program will bring to Ava & Aidan.

“We would like to commend the Mission Squash program for the positive impact it has had on our family.”
Adam & Gabby Canales, parents of Ava & Aidan