Meet | Faustino and Joaquin

Andre and Martha Martinez share how Mission Squash has impacted brothers Faustino and Joaquin:

When our son, Andre Faustino, came to us and said that he wanted to be part of the Mission Squash program three years ago, we had no idea what a positive and influential part it would play in his life. In the time that he has been part of this program, we have seen him develop both academically and physically beyond our expectations.

We see a young man who is thriving and building on his character and confidence level.

His engagement has influenced his younger brother Joaquin to also become a part of the Mission Squash family. Even from the short amount of time he has been in the program, we are already seeing the same positive changes in Joaquin that we saw in Faustino. We could not be more thrilled and excited to see the positive results that are in store for both of our sons through Mission Squash.

Watch Faustino and Martha speaking at the 2017 ZanziBall Gala

“As parents, we can only wish the best for our children. The Mission Squash program has proven to be a good part of their way to a successful future. For that, we are eternally grateful.”
Andre and Martha Martinez, Parents of Joaquin and Faustino