Meet | Gabby

Grade: 7th
Favorite Squash Player: Nicol David
Favorite Subject: English / Science
Subject I Need Help In: Math

Dream High School: Deerfield
Dream College: Oxford University, UK
Dream Career: Surgeon

My Story:
I came from somewhere rough. My Mom was working 2-3 jobs, and was all over the place because my Dad had been arrested when I was 4 years old and my sister was only 4 months. Everything started getting better when my Mom met my Dad. At a point me and my little sister forgot about my other Dad but we still see him once every year. My story isn’t really that special but now you know my backstory and I guess that’s what makes me.

How Mission Squash helps me:
My teachers and coaches make academics fun and exciting. Mission Squash has helped me by improving my focus, making me more motivated, and increasing my grades. It makes me more motivated because I know that if I don’t do my homework I won’t be able to go on court. The thing that I love most about Mission Squash is the staff, they’re so great.

A message from my parents:

“We are very grateful for being part of the Mission Squash family. They have helped my daughter learn life lessons like how to organize her schedule, responsibility, friendship, and reaching goals. They have helped me to tutor her in her harder subjects. I have seen her attitude become more positive, she is more focused. We were not expecting the amount of value we were going to get out of this program. They have become a second family for Gabby and that is the most helpful, valuable part of my daughter’s life. Thank you Mission Squash.”
Roberto (GABBY’s DAD)