Meet | Jade

Jade’s mom Nancy Castillo shares her story from a mother’s perspective:

Jade transferred to Hogg Middle School in 7th grade from another school district. Change is hard, especially on a teenage girl going to a new school. One day in school she came across a Squash Tryout Poster and decided to try out. She did not know anything about the sport, but I sensed she was trying to get to know people and have a sense of belonging.

She tried out and made the team. I still remember when she called me to tell me the news – she was very excited!

In her prior school, Jade was not very focused, never talked much about what she wanted to be when she grew up, and did not have a clue as to what college she wanted to attend. Since joining Mission Squash, her whole attitude has changed in respect to her future. Mission Squash has given her focus and self-confidence. Through the program, she has become competitive and focused on her grades and future career goals.

Today Jade is a freshman in high school. If you ask her now what her goals are she will quickly respond, “I want to get at least a 3.3 GPA upon graduation, graduate with an advanced High School diploma and have college credits.” If you ask her where she wants to go to college she will tell you she wants to go to the Baylor College of Medicine. She has come a long way in two short years.

Mission Squash has really changed Jade’s outlook in her future in a very positive way and I am so grateful she is in this program.

“Mission Squash offers more than a sport activity. It is a program that truly focuses on kids for the long-term through squash,¬†academics, and their mentoring program.”
Nancy Castillo, jade’s mother