Meet | Julian

Grade: 8th
Favorite Squash Player: Ramy Ashour
Favorite Subject: Reading
Subject I Need Help In: Math

Dream High School: Heights High School
Dream College: University of Houston
Dream Career: NBA player

My Story:
As a kid I grew up in a bad neighborhood. I was with the wrong friends and they were stealing. I never did anything they did, and when I finally told my mom we moved. We moved to a house with a good school nearby. I went to the park everyday just to watch my dad and uncle play basketball. I fell in love with sports and I was an athletic kid.

Ever since then I’ve always wanted to play on my school’s team. So in 5th grade I joined the basketball team. My team won every game and I was happy. I later joined Mission Squash. I have two sisters and one brother. I’m the oldest out of 4 kids. The staff help me a lot with my homework and the squash coaches challenge me physically with squash and fitness tests.

How Mission Squash helps me:
I like how competitive and fast paced the sport is – it needs a lot of skill and hand-eye coordination. Mission Squash helps me stay in shape by me doing drills workouts and playing matches, and the staff help me make sure I turn in my assignments and try my best in school.

A message from my parents:

“Julian has come a very long way when first starting out in squash from 6th to 8th grade. His people skills have really opened up, both in his father and I am very proud of the way squash is structuring into his life development. The academic program is awesome and we appreciate the improvements. Thank you Mission Squash for the love, care and education you give and teach our children.”
Daniella (julian’s mom)