Meet | Nicole

Grade: 8th
Favorite Squash Player: Amanda Sobhy
Favorite Subject: English
Subject I Need Help In: Science

Dream High School: Hotchkiss
Dream College: Harvard
Dream Career: Squash Player/Journalist

My Story:
My life before Mission Squash was pretty rough. I had a lot of family problems and squash helped me get through that. I also had not much exposure towards fitness until I joined the program. Squash is now basically my medicine. I really do appreciate everything this program, coaches, and donors have done for my family and I.

How Mission Squash helps me:
I can be myself and get work done. It’s basically my second home. Mission Squash helps me with my mental health, squash, fitness, physical health, and academics. It basically supports me with everything in my life.

A message from my parents:

“This program has helped both of my children and I’m grateful they have discovered this unique sport. I really have seen great improvement since they joined the program.”
Ernie (Nicole and Jeriko’s dad)