Meet | Sekyra

Grade: 8th
Favorite Squash Player: Amanda Sobhy
Favorite Subject: 
Subject I Need Help In: Math

Dream High School: Debakey High School
Dream College: Texas A&M
My Dream Career: Vet

My Story:
I grew up the only girl and I was the youngest. My brothers are in their 30s with kids and I’m at home taking care of my mother working on getting good grades. So I can get get into my school of choice and achieve my life set goals. If it wasn’t for being the youngest, I would not work as hard as I do now because I’ve always had to prove I was just as good as my brothers. School and squash are going to be my main focus for the next five years.

How Mission Squash helps me:
I love the sport itself but I love what it has to offer as academic help and other things like traveling for tournaments and new experiences. Mission Squash has helped me academically and mentally squash helps me keep an open and clean mind. Without squash I would be confused and lost, I wouldn’t know what to do. The program also helps me with social skills as I’m constantly meeting new people and have to maintain conversations with new people.

A message from my parents:

“Mission Squash for me turns out to be positive, challenging, fun sport. Mission Squash helps build confidence, security, social skill, and being team players. It is a sport of diversity, planning, and following through. I enjoy watching the kids be competitive, yet respectful and team players. The extra part of helping the members be successful, educationals are a plus. Thank you Mission Squash!”
LaShonda (Sekyra’s Mom)