What is the Mission Squash Academy?

One Mission Squash, Two Programs

In 2015, Mission Squash built the first squash and education facility on the campus of a public school in the US in the heart of the Houston Heights.

Since then, the Mission Squash Scholarship Program has been providing life-changing opportunities to low-income families by combining academics, mentoring, national travel and college access programming with training in the elite sport of squash. Partnering with Hogg Middle School and 4 High Schools, the Scholarship program currently enrolls 60 students across 6 grade levels.

The Mission Squash Academy is a newly launched program that is open to all current Hogg students, and makes world-class squash coaching, clinics, and tournament opportunities available to all.

Mission Squash is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates independently of Hogg Middle School. All donations are tax-deductible. 100% of donations are used to support academic and athletic programming for low-income students enrolled in the Scholarship program.

Goals of the Mission Squash Academy

  • Introduce a new generation of players to the unique and international sport of squash
  • Help fund academic and college access programming for low-income students who are enrolled in the Mission Squash Scholarship Program
  • Provide additional ways for Mission Squash Scholars to improve their character, health and academic profile through volunteer opportunities, mentoring, and squash training

Each donation of $25 funds one hour of academic support for a low-income student.