For information about joining one of our Boards, please contact the Executive Director.

Board of Directors

Alistair Barnes, Chair
Arnaud Dasprez
John DiFilippo
Noor Iqbal
Chris Laporte
Alton McDowell
Stuart McGeoch
Franny McKay-Jones
Charlie Neuhaus
Andrew Sprague
Carol Sugimoto
Alfredo Vilas

Advisory Board

Jim Pierce
Zia Rahman
Rick Wahlstedt
Alister Walker

Young Professionals Board

The Young Professionals Board actively promotes our mission through fundraising, networking and supporting our exciting annual calendar of events. You do not need to be a squash player to join! The YP Board meet monthly for a “Hit Around” at the Downtown Club – check out our events calendar for upcoming meets.

For information about joining, reach out to the Young Professionals Chair, Andrew Sprague for an information pack.


YP Members

Lee Banta
Kristina Bush
Celeste Edwards
Anastasia Harris
Aaron Perrine
Hywel Robinson
Matthew Schwartz
Andrew Sprague (Chair)
Elyse Taylor
Chris Zimmerman