Building Character for Future Growth

We nurture the growth of children into well-rounded adults equipped to lead.


All scholars have reduced delinquency and school drop-out rates compared to their peers.

All scholars develop and exhibit the social-emotional skills required to thrive in higher education and employment.

All scholars have opportunities to develop leadership skills through peer mentorship and enrichment opportunities.

Turning on-paper advancements into lifetimes of achievement

A focus on character is woven in to all aspects of Mission Squash programming both on and off the court. Whether its through community service opportunities, project-based learning, or our socio-emotional wellness curriculum and squash training, all scholars spend dedicated time each week towards learning about who they are, what they value, and how they can be strong leaders in their community.

Experiential Learning for Real World Preparation

While test scores and GPAs can demonstrate that our scholars are succeeding in their courses, they do not offer insight into their passions, their ability to work with others, or many other necessary skills in a professional setting. For our scholars to excel in college and in life, they need to be able to apply their academics to the world around them in meaningful ways. Each year and during the summer, our scholars undertake a long-term, collaborative project that engages issues discussed in the classroom, such as those of social justice, and are required to use their creativity and knowledge to solve them.

This year’s project with the University of Houston’s PEERS program is centered around public health issues in Harris County.¬†Scholars must identify community partners who can assist them with their work, give them high-quality feedback, and offer opportunities for hands-on experiences. Through 21st Century Skills, scholars develop a portfolio of high-caliber work that is utilized on their college applications. Moreover, our scholars are able to hone essential characteristics such as creativity, grit, initiative, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and leadership that will help them to be successful in college and the world beyond.


Becoming CharacterStrong

Through our partnership with CharacterStrong, scholars are placed into advisories which meet weekly to engage in research-backed, socio-emotional learning curriculum targeted to their specific age group. These lessons provide brave spaces for scholars to understand their values, learn tools for mental wellness, and better get to know each other in a brave space outside of the classroom and courts.


From Court to Classroom & Beyond

As competitive squash players, Mission Squash scholars work with their coach to develop more than athletic ability through their training. The sport of squash requires discipline, respect, leadership, grit, and support of others and helps scholars to put these values into practice in each space of their lives.

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