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Parent Views

“I’m very thankful that not only does my daughter have a support system at home but at school as well. Ever since my daughter has been involved with Mission Squash I’ve seen extreme changes in her. From school grades to seeing her feeling passionate about this program. I’m thankful they’re very involved with my daughter in every aspect of her school life. Not only do they push her to do well in squash but academically as well. I am very thankful.”


Kayla’s Mom

“Thank you for the extraordinary work that you all do for these children. Katherine has been playing squash for almost a year now, and her discipline and her excitement for the sport only keeps growing. The program has also changed many things in the household as well. We all now have a mini coach that wants to teach us how to play! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this opportunity.”


Katherine’s Mom

“Mission Squash has helped my child with being more aware of what she eats, of being more active and with trying to have passing grades. She enjoys the time she spends in the squash court. The coaches and academic teacher are helpful and caring with all their scholars.”


Esmerelda’s Mom

“Julian has come a very long way when first starting out in squash from 6th to 8th grade. His people skills have really opened up, both in his father and I am very proud of the way squash is structuring into his life development. The academic program is awesome and we appreciate the improvements. Thank you Mission Squash for the love, care and education you give and teach our children.”


Julian’s Mom

“We are very grateful for being part of the Mission Squash family. They have helped my daughter learn life lessons like, organizing one’s schedule, responsibility, friendship, and reaching goals. They have helped me to tutor her in her harder subjects. I have seen her attitude become more positive, she is more focused. We were not expecting the amount of value we were going to get out of this program. They have become a second family for Gabby and that is the most helpful, valuable part of my daughter’s life. Thank you Mission Squash.”


Gabby’s Dad

“Mission Squash for me turns out to be a positive, challenging, fun program. Mission Squash helps build confidence, security, social skills, and being team players. It is a sport of diversity, planning, and following through. I enjoy watching the kids be competitive, yet respectful and team players. The extra part of helping the members be successful, educationals are a plus. Thank you Mission Squash!”


Sekyra’s Mom

“Andres loves this sport. He feels supported by the teachers, directors, and all of the Mission Squash Staff. Thanks for helping all of the children!”


Andres’ Mom

“This program has helped both of my children and I’m grateful they have discovered this unique sport. I really have seen great improvement since they joined the program.”


Jeriko & Nicole’s Dad

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