We continuously evaluate our organization’s outcomes against our Goals in order to maximize the impact that every charitable dollar has on our program and students.

Unless otherwise stated, all data relates to academic year 2016-17. Data is collected internally at program, from external surveys, and from the Houston Independent School District. Please also find national data here. 

About Our Students

Our students are recruited in 5th and 6th grade from three HISD partner schools: Browning Elementary, which in 2015-16 was 90% economically disadvantaged, Memorial Elementary, and Hogg Middle School. 100% of students attending Browning and Memorial Elementary are zoned to Hogg Middle School. We are also partnered with Heights High School, which is less than 1 mile from Hogg Middle School and 75% economically disadvantaged in 2015-16. The majority of our middle school Scholars will attend Heights High after graduating from Hogg. We operate a shuttle bus that collects our high school Scholars during the last period of the school day, allocated to Mission Squash programming. The Mission Squash Scholarship is selective, and all students applying to join the Mission Squash program must meet our TEA-based Eligibility Criteria, demonstrating a significant need and desire to be in the program, and pass  a rigorous tryouts process where students are evaluated on academic potential, coach-ability, interest and attitude. Families commit to long-term program membership, extending from 6th to 12th grade, and to the shared ambition of obtaining a 4-year College degree of labor market value.
Mission Squash Scholars Enrolled
Grades 6 - 10
Economically disadvantaged
Racial or ethnic minority
Students for whom English is a Second Language
Parents with 4-year College Degree

Program Outcomes

Fewer school absences than school peers
Program Attendance
Student Retention

800 hours
Academic programming delivered

After-school homework help, one-to-one tutoring, in-school advocacy, test prep, enrichment, trips and life skills programming

1,000 hours
Squash & Wellness programming delivered

Squash and fitness curriculum, tournaments, weekend practices, nutrition and summer camps

  • 1.5 million dollars invested
  • First squash and education facility ever built inside a public school in the United States
  • 5 Full-time Staff
  • 48 weeks programming per year
  • 6 weeks of Summer Camps
  • 5 Students enrolled in the Private High School Placement program
  • 4 Ivy League schools visited by scholars

$0 – cost to families


16% improvement in English grades

from the start to the end of the academic year for 8th Grade Scholars. Scholars finished the year 8% higher than comparable peers

6% Higher Math grades

than comparable school peers for 7th Grade Scholars by the end of the year

28% Fewer School Absences

than comparable peers

100% Promotion to next grade level

Scholars outperformed peers across English, Math, and Science

  • 7th Graders: 3% higher GPA (core subjects)
  • 8th Graders: 4% higher GPA (core subjects)

Squash, Health and Wellness

10 Years Longer Life Expectancy

Scholars scored 10% higher than comparable school peers on Vo2MAX proxy tests, equivalent to an additional 10 years life expectancy

200 Tournament matches played

and 50 students taking part in 10 team matches against rival schools and clubs as part of the Houston Junior Squash League

1 National Title

at the Urban Individual Championships held at Williams College, MA.

20 Scholars participated in National tournaments

90% of Scholars progressed to the next skill level

Skill levels provide an objective way for scholars to measure their skill improvement that is aligned to our squash curriculum

Student Views

In Summer 2017, 39 of our Scholarship students anonymously completed a national survey administered by NUSEA, the National Urban Squash and Education Association.

The results of the survey provided points of comparison for our program with the average responses of 11 other urban squash programs nationwide.

“I believe I will go to college” 


Agree or Strongly Agree

“I care more about doing well in school because of my involvement with this program”

Agree or Strongly Agree

“There are caring adults here who I trust and can talk to when I need help”

Agree or Strongly Agree (* National Average = 63%)

“I enjoy playing squash”

Agree or Strongly Agree

“Staff have high expectations of behavior and effort”

Agree or Strongly Agree

“I have good friends here”

Agree or Strongly Agree

What is the most significant change you have experienced because of your participation in this program?

  • “Better behavior”
  • “Getting better grades / doing better in school” – 15 students (38% of respondents)
  • “Squash skills”
  • “My ability to handle situations in life”
  • “I got to go to Philadelphia”
  • “I’m eating more fruits”
  • “It has made me a better person. I’m more open minded and it has made me a happier person”

What is your favorite part about this program?

  • “The staff help me on my homework, and help me become a better person”
  • “Squash”
  • “The staff”
  • “I love how I can be myself and play a sport I love”
  • “Playing squash and doing the best I can in academics”
  • “The fact that it’s a safe space for me in squash but also in life, for example if something happened to me I know that I can talk to an adult there about it and feel comfortable”

What would you change about the program?

  • “Nothing” (28% of respondents)
  • “If program were longer we could get more done”
  • “More courts and space” (6 respondents)

Parent Views

“I’m very thankful that not only does my daughter have a support system at home but at school as well. Ever since my daughter has been involved with Mission Squash I’ve seen extreme changes in her. From school grades to seeing her feeling passionate about this program. I’m thankful they’re very involved with my daughter in every aspect of her school life. Not only do they push her to do well in squash but academically as well. I am very thankful.”
Kayla's Mom
"Thank you for the extraordinary work that you all do for these children. Katherine has been playing Squash for almost a year now, and her discipline and her excitement for the sport only keeps growing. The program has also changed many things in the household as well. We all now have a mini coach that wants to teach us how to play! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this opportunity.”
Katherine's Mom
"Mission Squash has helped my child with being more aware of what she eats, of being more active and with trying to have passing grades. She enjoys the time she spends in the squash court. The coaches and academic teacher are helpful and caring with all their scholars.”
Esmerelda's Mom
“Julian has come a very long way when first starting out in squash from 6th to 8th grade. His people skills have really opened up, both in his father and I am very proud of the way squash is structuring into his life development. The academic program is awesome and we appreciate the improvements. Thank you Mission Squash for the love, care and education you give and teach our children.”
Julian's Mom
“We are very grateful for being part of the Mission Squash family. They have helped my daughter learn life lessons like, organizing one’s schedule, responsibility, friendship, and reaching goals. They have helped me to tutor her in her harder subjects. I have seen her attitude become more positive, she is more focused. We were not expecting the amount of value we were going to get out of this program. They have become a second family for Gabby and that is the most helpful, valuable part of my daughter’s life. Thank you Mission Squash.”
Gabby's Dad
“Mission Squash for me turns out to be a positive, challenging, fun program. Mission Squash helps build confidence, security, social skills, and being team players. It is a sport of diversity, planning, and following through. I enjoy watching the kids be competitive, yet respectful and team players. The extra part of helping the members be successful, educationals are a plus. Thank you Mission Squash!”
Sekyra's Mom
"Andres loves this sport. He feels supported by the teachers, directors, and all of the Mission Squash Staff. Thanks for helping all of the children!"
Andres' Mom
“This program has helped both of my children and I’m grateful they have discovered this unique sport. I really have seen great improvement since they joined the program.”
Jeriko & Nicole's Dad

Family Engagement

of parents attended one or more family events
Scholarship Review Meetings held with families
Parent-staff interactions throughout the year

Community Impact


Partner schools






Hours community service


Constituents attending MS events