Following a capital campaign in the Spring of 2015, Mission Squash renovated an 80-year old gym space within the campus James S. Hogg Middle School, in the Heights area of Houston, Texas, creating a state-of-the-art squash and education facility: the first squash courts to ever be built in a public school in North America. The school’s population was classified by the Texas Education Agency as 81% economically disadvantaged in 2015.

As it has become known to our Scholars, “Mission Control” features three international-sized squash courts, plus a full-capacity academic classroom equipped with a custom-built study stations and program office.

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Our facility mitigates some of the logistical issues that Urban Squash programs have traditionally faced when operating at a distance away from their partner schools (for example, in private squash clubs or at University facilities).

Because our students become deeply invested with the program and staff, our co-location on the school campus also helps with student recruitment, attendance, retention and discipline. Our Scholars form deep relationships with our on-site staff who act as friends, advisors and mentors as well as coaches and teachers, helping them navigate the difficult years of adolescence and beyond.

The designed, “club” feel of the space helps Mission Control feel like a second home for our Scholars, where they are always welcome to study, get help with assignments, work in groups, or (of course) hone their squash game. The facility was thoughtfully designed in conjunction with McWill and Gin Designs to ensure optimal utilization of the space, with an emphasis on productivity.

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Capital Campaign Benefactors

Alistair & Amy Barnes
Tim & Leigh Calk
The Elkins Foundation
Hansa Meyer Global
John DiFilippo
Gin Design Group
John Horton Family
Franny Jones
Chris Laporte
Legacy Bank Texas
Dan Peed
Roger Plank
Abbott & Leslie Sprague Foundation
The Susan Vaughn Foundation
Alfredo Vilas
Patricia Waters
Wells Fargo