Our Program

Our program is based on the immensely successful Squash and Education Alliance (SEA) model followed by over 26 programs nationwide.  94% of SEA program graduates enroll in post-secondary programs and 65% earn a bachelor’s degree in six years, more than twice the national average.

Following the SEA model, we recruit scholars entering 6th grade at Hogg Middle school across the academic and athletic spectrum and based solely on demonstrated financial need and commitment to participating in our full, seven-year program.

By focusing our programming around our three goals of college, character, and health, we ensure our scholars are on a path towards long-term success.


In the United States, less than 14% of low-income students enroll in post-secondary program. We aim to close this gap through intensive academic intervention, 1-1 tutoring, and comprehensive college access programming.

Our Academic Program model is long-term, comprehensive, and individualized. Scholars join in 6th grade, attending a minimum of 3 days a week after school, on some weekends, and for 20 days in the summer. We build targeted plans to ensure all middle schoolers are on or above grade level in reading and math by the time 9th grade. Middle school scholars in our program see an average of two years of reading growth and one year of math growth each semester.

College Access programming begins in 9th grade, including individualized summer internship guidance, ACT/SAT preparation, resume preparation, college list-building, interview preparation, and essay writing support. This is in addition to the continued three days a week of academic intervention, individualized academic planning, and tutoring in specific subjects of difficulty, as grades are the single most important consideration in college admissions.


Long-term success in life demands more than just a college degree, it also demands requisite 21st Century Skills honed through character development, socio-emotional learning, and real-world experiences. While academics and squash develop grit, intrinsic motivation, and teamwork, our additional project-based learning, internship, and socio-emotional curriculums further build and strengthen our scholar’s character and apply what they have learned to the world around them.


Our Squash & Wellness programs focuses on the “whole child” by providing a holistic approach focusing on mental and physical wellbeing. Our scholars receive over 150 hours a year of squash training, strength & conditioning, nutrition curriculum, and wellness programming with the goal of every scholar gaining the tools they need to lead healthy lives.

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