Avoid the summer slide with five weeks of academics, squash and travel.

About Scholarship Summer Camps

Academically, students will lose on average three month’s worth of prior learning during the summer vacation – the “summer slide.”

Not to mention the “de-train” ratio: there is a 1 to 3 loss of training common in all physical training, meaning that if an athlete stops training for 1 week, they will lose approximately 3 weeks worth of training results.

Mission Squash requires scholars to participate in at least four weeks of summer camp, typically help in the months of June and July. All scholars participate in academic and squash program to keep their minds and bodies fit and travel as teams around Houston taking part in a variety of enrichment and character building activities. Some students may be eligible for Scholarship grants to participate in national summer school opportunities run by the National Urban Squash and Education Association.

Camp weeks are typically themed. Previous themes and activities on Scholarship Camp have included:

  • Outer Space: with a trip to the Johnson Space Center and a talk with Poppy Northcutt who was the first female engineer employed by NASA’s Apollo program.
  • Nature and the Environment: working with Urban Harvest, a local non-profit organization, spoke to the campers about their program’s mission, Campers visited the Houston Arboretum and Nature center and discovered the beauty of Centennial Gardens in Hermann Park.
  • Theater: This week, campers discovered the theater with guest speaker Ann Christensen, a UofH English professor who taught the students about Shakespeare, a backstage visit to the Wortham Theater, costuming class, and theater activities that included improv, role-playing, and a lip-sync challenge! Campers responded to modern art with a visit to the world-renowned Menil collection.
  • “Houstonia”: The City of Houston’s unique character and history was explored with a trip to the Houston Heritage museum, the Buffalo Bayou, a documentary film viewing, and Houston Trivia quiz. The Arts theme continued as award-winning jazz pianist Aaron Goldberg joined us to teach students about jazz music and the origins of American music forms.
  • Entrepreneurship: Students participated in a week-long project where teams were challenged to form a company, design a product, trade and sell the required supplies, assemble the product, and sell it in the marketplace. Students used “funny money” to perform their own transactions. Students were given money making opportunities for demonstrating good behavior, or being helpful to the coaches. The team earning the most money won the competition.
  • Week 4: Alley Theater couldn’t accommodate us so we scheduled with the Wortham
    • Week 4: Buffalo Bayou was rained out
    • Week 5: Texans was cancelled due to a Guns and Roses concert
    • Week 6: Wolff Center was cancelled due to a scheduling error

Squash and fitness during summer camps are also themed by week – examples include Hitting Length, Attacking Options and Taking the Ball Early.

Who can take part in Scholarship Summer Camps?

Only currently enrolled Scholarship Holders who have committed to a further year of Scholarship, and attended at least 90% of after-school practices, can take part in Summer Camps.

If your child is not a Mission Squash Scholar but you are interested in other summer squash opportunities, please see instead our Elite Summer Squash Camps.

Elite Summer Squash Camps

A small number of Scholars may be invited to participate in Elite Camps at the discretion of program staff.

How much do camps cost?

Camps are free-of-charge for Scholarship holders.

When are camp dates announced?

We try to announce our Summer Camp dates as early as possible, ideally in December each year (for the following June/July). Due to many other activities taking place at Hogg Middle School during the summer months, it is not always possible to confirm the dates that far in advance, and so we keep families updated as and when we are able to obtain information.