Making it Matter: A Summer of Social Justice

Summers at Mission Squash are valuable times for student growth both on and off court. This summer, our scholars were introduced to their semester-long project, “Make it Matter,” which is centered upon themes of social justice, equity, and impact.

Each day, scholars received four hours of programming including an hour and a half of squash, an hour and a half of academics, and an hour of culture lessons.


Keeping in line with our academic project theme of social justice and equity, scholars spent each morning delving into articles, TED Talks, and documentaries around social justice issues. Over the course of the camp, scholars were exposed to excerpts from Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me and Ted Dintersmith and Sir Ken Robinson’s Washington Post article “How to Make College Admissions Fairer,” the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed,” and the infamous Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk, “Do Schools Kill Creativity?“.

Using these articles and videos as talking points, students engaged in socratic seminar discussions around the difference between equality and equity, and how the distinction between the two affects them in their daily lives.


In the classroom, scholars paired up and picked social justice topics that interested them, including gun control, immigration reform, and equity in healthcare. Over the course of the week, scholars researched these topics and created infographics to help their communities learn more about the issues and ways to get involved. After days of hard work, peer critique, and revision, all scholars completed a high-quality infographic on their issues and a t-shirt with their impact hashtag. This year, scholars will be utilizing the knowledge gained through this summer project to help them make an impact in these areas within the larger Houston community.


On the court, Coach Santiago aided scholars in developing their mental and physical strength by reinforcing squash knowledge, coaching new skills, and leading drills and circuit training. Throughout the week, all scholars continued to work on developing their fundamental racket skills, including serves & drives, drops & boasts, and finishing with match play and fitness on the final day on court.

Field day

Each week of camp culminated in our high-energy field day at the beautiful Hermann Park. Scholars were all smiles as they donned their new impact hashtag t-shirts, played fun field games, and celebrated their hard work.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made our camp possible, including our fearless camp counselor director, Alexandra Platt, and our student camp volunteer counselors Saydee, Brayan, and Greylin!


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