Winter Squash Update 2019

Mission Squash scholars continue to make squash waves locally and nationally. Nicole Smith ’21: Currently playing number 2 for Westminster School, Connecticut, is undefeated after her first 3 team matches. Nicole is yet to concede a game in the New England Squash league after 2 months! Ruby Sandoval ’25: Ruby Sandoval placed 9th at the … Continue reading Winter Squash Update 2019

Can Cardio help your GPA?

The Proven Association Between Fitness Levels and Academic Performance Partaking in physical exercise has a multitude of potential benefits to the individual, many of which are interconnected. One of example of this is the simple fact that participating in regular squash training will help improve a player’s cardiorespiratory fitness. Furthermore, a study by Santana et … Continue reading Can Cardio help your GPA?